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Monday, 16 August 2010

all about me

ok at the first stages in my life (y3ny el-7dana w ebtda2y i was living with my grand ma she is my 2nd mom and maybe eQual to her she raised me up like her 4th daughter :) every thing i wanted she would give it to me and how she don't i was a one year old baby when i went to her cause my dad traveled to saudi arabia fi e3ara so he couldn't leave me and my mum alone here in 15th may so we lived in our grand ma house realy i've spent there my happiest dayz ever they will never come again actually child hood dayz will never come again :(:( so after that dad visited us once in a year he stayed almost a month every year so we didn't get used to him alot and i grow up  and up turned 13 and dad came from his e3ara :) and settled here in egypt in the begining i didn't want to leave my grand ma house i didn't want to leave all my frndz school mates neighbors and even my grand ma cats who lived with us in the house :)   i cried alot and i had commmunication proplems with my dad wich is absolutely normal for a girl who is 13 years old lived 13 years only with her mother grand ma and her little two brothers to face the fact that suddenly my father came from long travel and my whole life will change starting from that we will live with new person new place and new people any way these communication proplems weren't only  with my father no it was with my new neighbors new house new people and the worest proplem was that i had a realy realy big issues with my school mates oh i remember that year it was the worest year i've ever lived ,all my world had turned upside down can u imagine that suudenly i have new every thing :) it was like shit realy but i passed this stage now el-7amdollah i live here in 15thmay  for 5 years nw  i accepted my new whole life and accepted that i must live far away from my grand ma and her cats :) and i love my mum alot and my two brothers ahmed w foaude ahmed is my best bro and frnd realy he is so cute and  i built a strong relation ships with my beautiful school mates and the best frndz ever "   hadeer 3abdo   """yara yousef " noha gama"""    
they made me realy know and appreciate the meaning of frndz coz how bad ur life is or how seriouse are ur proplems in the end of the day u will find ur frndz smile to u tell u to chill out when u panic and try to sort out ur proplems so thx ma dear frndz i luv u mUuUUuAAaAh


this my first blogger
 i've done it coz i realy luv writing   but actually i think that a blogger of mine will be more private than any thing i tried to write in it before coz writing is the way i get rid of many of sad and other feelings in me  and those feelings can't be in puplic so i realy like the idea of the blogger and only the persons i choose will see my writings and that's it :) 
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