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Friday, 4 February 2011

Come Home, said the wounded warrior

Show me the way, she replied.  

And so he did, lighting her journey back to him with a love only he could give her. He opened his heart and laid it all down at her feet. The pain. The love. The longing. The passion. These they both laid bare. They forgave each others acts of anger, forgave the words said to hide disappointments in each other.  They understand that sometimes hurt takes on the face of anger. They forgave themselves for becoming people they were not, selfish, stubborn. They understand that regardless of the roads they have taken in an attempt to break free from each other, love leads them back to one another. It always has, it always will. It only takes a whispered word to the heart and everything and everyone around them fades away and they are one again. The promises of marriage, children, happiness given to each other form a tighter bond between them. They do not care if they are not understood, or if they are judged. Only they know what lies beneath.  Only they know that in each other they have more than others hope to have in a lifetime. They understand why they both can not give themselves completely to others, how can they when they belong only to each other. No one knows her heart, like he does. No one knows his heart, like she does. Their world is once again, complete.

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