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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

grey's anatomy

‎—— “I said I love you. I said it. I said it out loud, to your face. And ever since… I’ve never said that to a guy before. Never. And now I’m just this idiot that says I love you and gets avoided.” - Grey’s Anatomy

in Love men can be babies

His world revloves around her. He loves her because…well, he loves her. He’s never been this cheesy around anyone. He used to believe that nothing “lasts” and that no one is to be trusted. First time he saw her was pretty normal; she was just like anyone. Yet, he felt a some kind of enchanting feeling while talking to her. She was bright, smart and wasn’t afraid to speak what’s in her heart. She might have been a bit insecure and weak, but never was she ever weak around him. Never did she ever let him down. He loved her..with all his heart and for the first time he said the “L” word. The “L” word that he always feared.
He’s such a baby around her…what a huge transformation.
Don’t you just find it adorable when men are in love?

One of my favorite moments
Summer Roberts: What do you want from me, Cohen? 
Seth Cohen: I just want you. 
Summer Roberts: No, you don’t. You had me. You had me at Chrismukkah in a freaking Wonder Woman costume and you chose Anna. You had me three months ago and you left… 
Seth Cohen: I wanna make that up to you… 
Summer Roberts: It has nothing to do with me, it is about you and it is always about you. What you need and what you want. You know, it seems that you only want me when you can’t have me. You like the chase and that’s all… so, you know what? You can have

It was a Thursday morning, you were wearing that ratty little “Dartmouth” T-shirt you look so good in, the one with the hole in the back of the neck. You’d just washed your hair and you smelled like some kind of… flower. I was running late for surgery. You said you were going to see me later, and you leaned to me, you put your hand on my chest and you kissed me. Soft. It was quick. Kind of like a habit. You know, like we’d do it everyday for the rest of our lives. And you went back to reading the newspaper and I went to work. That
 was the last time we kissed.

derek shepard ..grey's anatomy 

Dear Life

Dear life,
I’ve had enough of you. You suck. Why are you being so hard on everyone? Remember when you were a lot easier? Whatever happened to that? You’re so dramatic and full of yourself. You want us all to suffer, because you must have suffered too.
I don’t know what the hell are you trying to prove here. If you think you can get me to give up, then you’re probably dreaming. I will never give up. You see, you mess me up and all, but I love you. I love every little thing you taught me. And what have you given me in return? More lessons! I’m so sick of you treating me like that. I always say good things about you, why are you mean then? You’ve got some serious issues, I’m sure. You think I’d let go, but no..I’m not a quitter and you can suck it up!
I’m not giving up on you, life. I’m sure one day, you’ll give me what I want. One day, you’ll stop being so hard. One day, you’ll be day, I will be too.
Sincerely, just another human being who can’t figure you out. 

Friday, 24 June 2011


well i have Nothing In my mind To write Now But i'm
 Gonna let U Know of what's happening with me recently actually Right Now i filled a request From the Note book Owners on twitter they Wrote On their Blog that they are searching for a writer to write on their blog  Not a  Professional one bUt a one who Loves writing can describe an image and stuff and this is the text they wrote 
We are looking to take on some people to consistently provide content for our blog.
We only want original material and original thoughts, so please no materiel that you did not create.
We’d ideally like blog posts to be 2-6 paragraphs in length; you can do a topic, analyze a quote, post a picture with a description, discuss popular issues, and more.
It also helps if you’re an aspiring writer, in journalism, or run an already successful blog.
Email me with a sample of your work and any links to sites you run.

Feel Free To e-mail them it's a Big opportunity 
.i Thought that they may accept me i sent them my blog Link to see My work i'm free most of the time and  the notebook owners are popular i'd be glad to write on their Blog For sure 

I'm also Having some problems with a Family member I don't Know i'm feeling that this person had changed alot and i'm really affected by this :(

Friday, 17 June 2011


I k

now it’s hard for many unconscious minds to accept 

the fact that women are discriminated. I hereby reveal 

the thoughts of a girl who believes women worldwide 

are ignorant of their rights...
Being a female means if you didn’t succeed it’s 

because you’re stupid by nature

a female means you are not a good driver

Being a female means that whatever you wear, you

 are a sinner

Being a female means obeying is your only virtue
Being a female means you are not designed to 

innovate or do the hard jobs

Being a female means you are too emotional

Being a female means if you laughed out loud, you are a prostitute
Being a female means smoking is wrong and immoral
, while for boys it's not
being a female means your efforts to succeed should be triple that of a man
Being a female means the only weapon you have is seduction

Being a female means if you’re divorced or single it’s 

because you’re not good enough
Being a female means that when in a relationship, he

 can cheat on you while you can’t

Being a female means that the kitchen should be on the top of your priority list
Being a female means you can’t stay till midnight out

 of home even if you are in a safe place doing nth wrong, but a boy can.
Being a female means that you care about money more than a good guy, you care about looks more 
than intelligence

Being a female means you shouldn’t talk a lot

Being a female means you shouldn’t be ambitious or you’re going to ruin your personal life

Here's a fact, being a female means i'm a human.


When i say “vampire”, you may immediately think of Edward Cullen, or if you’re not a fan of the twilight saga, you’ll think of Dracula.
Whatever! In all ways, you’ll think of a fictional/movie character that doesn’t exist. And you know that they don’t exist, right?
I thought just the same way, but guess what! Some people believe that they are real. How did i know? That’s when i typed “vampires” and then Google automatically typed “real?” i thought i was going to read some stupidly funny things in some forums or blogs. But that’s not what i found.
i found books about a new branch of science (sarcasm font) that’s called Vampirism. And found many websites that are for real vampires only. At that moment i thanked God for not being a screwy or a mentally deranged person who believes in vampires.
However, i decided to share with you some of the (insert a bad word here) stupid things i read.
How to know you’re a real vampire?
1- A pale skin, you don’t have to be white to be pale.
2- You luckily survived an accident with only a few scratches or cuts
3- you were the smartest, strongest, quickest kid in the class.
4- You look very young for your age.
5- A quicker healer than most
6- extremely energetic at night
7- you rarely get sick
8- you have extremely good vision in the dark
9- sensitive to light or heat from it
10- a colored ring around the iris of your eyes
Conclusion: we are blood drinking, human flesh feeding vampires and are not aware of this.

For God’s sake, what is so vampiritic (yea i invented the word) in the previous shit?
i mean, who doesn’t have any of the previous 10 symptoms? The fact is, they are some psychopathic creatures that are in need of apsychiatrist.
Not only this... the real vampires also have many types:
psi vampires, blood vampires, hybrid vampires, elemental vampires, Emotional vampires, Genetic vampires and many many types and sub types.
So there’s no way of thinking that u’re not a vampire, just pick your favorite type.
However, this is not what i care about, the ugly side of the story is that these freaks, out of acting like vampires, sometimes kidnap people or commit violent acts. And as they feed on blood, they buy it from hospitals or get it from donors.
Many people all over the world die waiting for blood transfusion, and are in need of this blood. I have nothing to say but pity for the worl

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No thing To do

i wasn't very active lately on the Blog i was really sick 
those earlier Days and I'm still sick But not that bad i was suffering from high temperature and Low pressure Pray for me 

i spent my last weekend at my aunt's house which wasn't nice for me she is the eldest sister for my father and she is living far away from here i spent like four days there and i was dying she is like from the stone age no computers and No network there i know now that i can't survive without a network =D

it was a quick post because i'm tired =D i'm gonna make something to drink and watch water for elephants yaaaaaaaaay  i like vacations 

Song of the day

i really love this song it's very powerful

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dear You

see I don't know if You are Honest or a liar i don't 
know if You are series or just Joking and making fun which  is the biggest possibility i'll leave that To Your Conscience any way i said it before and i will say it again TO you and to any one else Now and then  and i know that You will appreciate that in a way or another But i won't give up my beliefs and rules i won't give up my raising and my religion To do that it's not because of any body it's because of me myself my character and my personality and the way i was raised up by i 'm not rejecting You because any thing it's just me and i will be like that forever isa i won't give up my principles ever hope You people get it because i experienced this situation a lot before and i'm sure i'll experience a lot more so this is me like me Or hate me :)

Mixed feelings

i've never experienced the mixed feelings before i 
thought i felt them But now i know that i didn't :D 
one moment i'm happy because i heard  something cheered me Up but at the exact moment i think directly of something that worries me and i feel worried the main two feelings i'm feeling daily and they are concurrent really they happen together i feel them both together happiness and worry  and this leaves me shocked and disappointed  i feel like i'm every where and i'm not gathering myself up :( i'm a total mess 

Monday, 6 June 2011

avril lavigne

i think avril lavigne is the most stylist diva  i really love her shirts <3<3<3 here are some of my favorite outfits of her 


i'm Gonna post some outfits that i like it's not a fashion blog or something But i really liked the outfits  and let's just post images for a change in this post i'll put images for vanessa hudgens all her outfits are killing but i picked the best for me :D Hope You Like iT

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