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Friday, 24 June 2011


well i have Nothing In my mind To write Now But i'm
 Gonna let U Know of what's happening with me recently actually Right Now i filled a request From the Note book Owners on twitter they Wrote On their Blog that they are searching for a writer to write on their blog  Not a  Professional one bUt a one who Loves writing can describe an image and stuff and this is the text they wrote 
We are looking to take on some people to consistently provide content for our blog.
We only want original material and original thoughts, so please no materiel that you did not create.
We’d ideally like blog posts to be 2-6 paragraphs in length; you can do a topic, analyze a quote, post a picture with a description, discuss popular issues, and more.
It also helps if you’re an aspiring writer, in journalism, or run an already successful blog.
Email me with a sample of your work and any links to sites you run.

Feel Free To e-mail them it's a Big opportunity 
.i Thought that they may accept me i sent them my blog Link to see My work i'm free most of the time and  the notebook owners are popular i'd be glad to write on their Blog For sure 

I'm also Having some problems with a Family member I don't Know i'm feeling that this person had changed alot and i'm really affected by this :(

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