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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

in Love men can be babies

His world revloves around her. He loves her because…well, he loves her. He’s never been this cheesy around anyone. He used to believe that nothing “lasts” and that no one is to be trusted. First time he saw her was pretty normal; she was just like anyone. Yet, he felt a some kind of enchanting feeling while talking to her. She was bright, smart and wasn’t afraid to speak what’s in her heart. She might have been a bit insecure and weak, but never was she ever weak around him. Never did she ever let him down. He loved her..with all his heart and for the first time he said the “L” word. The “L” word that he always feared.
He’s such a baby around her…what a huge transformation.
Don’t you just find it adorable when men are in love?

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