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Saturday, 4 June 2011


in This Post I'll be talking about my friends i don't know why i didn't talk about them earlier though they are very precious to me the old friends and the new friends the best buddies and the normal guys i admit that You have an important role in my life and how i fit in in these area after i moved on ok there's a lot of blaaaah blaaah blaaah about their importance actually it's not blaah blaaaah they are really important :D i   love You guys b7bkom .........
and now i'm gonna talk about each one independently no arrangment ok
1-noha :ok she is the stubborn one but i feel like what ever You do You will  be special To me no one can be U for me :D i wish You will stick with me forever plz 
2-yara yousef : i love You bgd she is serious but funny i can depend on her she is smart and handle the situations in a good way and she is from the people i don't wish to lose ever You are my best buddy  <3<3
3- haDeer : :D:D:D she is my sweet heart and best friend she makes me laugh gets me out of the mood she comforts me always when i need help the first one to talk when i want to talk i love You and she go running with me hope that we could lose some weight this summer :D
4 - yara hegazy : :) she is my neighbor and best buddy she is the one i almost spend most of my time with her the most one i can talk to her and don't feel the time i love You
5-menna : i Go to school every day with her she is the most one i have funny memories with she makes me laugh when we site together i'm never bored and i really love her wish to be closer isa
6- gee :D : she is too sweet i'm lucky to know her and get closer to her she is so adorable and smart i love her personality and her profile pictures the most girl that i admire her taste of music she is like me we share lots of common things that's why she is considered from my best buddies in a really short time
and i have lots of friends who cheer me up in my bad times and make me laugh i really luv Ya guys i wish you will always be there for me and i don't wanna lose any one of you ever 

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