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Friday, 17 June 2011


When i say “vampire”, you may immediately think of Edward Cullen, or if you’re not a fan of the twilight saga, you’ll think of Dracula.
Whatever! In all ways, you’ll think of a fictional/movie character that doesn’t exist. And you know that they don’t exist, right?
I thought just the same way, but guess what! Some people believe that they are real. How did i know? That’s when i typed “vampires” and then Google automatically typed “real?” i thought i was going to read some stupidly funny things in some forums or blogs. But that’s not what i found.
i found books about a new branch of science (sarcasm font) that’s called Vampirism. And found many websites that are for real vampires only. At that moment i thanked God for not being a screwy or a mentally deranged person who believes in vampires.
However, i decided to share with you some of the (insert a bad word here) stupid things i read.
How to know you’re a real vampire?
1- A pale skin, you don’t have to be white to be pale.
2- You luckily survived an accident with only a few scratches or cuts
3- you were the smartest, strongest, quickest kid in the class.
4- You look very young for your age.
5- A quicker healer than most
6- extremely energetic at night
7- you rarely get sick
8- you have extremely good vision in the dark
9- sensitive to light or heat from it
10- a colored ring around the iris of your eyes
Conclusion: we are blood drinking, human flesh feeding vampires and are not aware of this.

For God’s sake, what is so vampiritic (yea i invented the word) in the previous shit?
i mean, who doesn’t have any of the previous 10 symptoms? The fact is, they are some psychopathic creatures that are in need of apsychiatrist.
Not only this... the real vampires also have many types:
psi vampires, blood vampires, hybrid vampires, elemental vampires, Emotional vampires, Genetic vampires and many many types and sub types.
So there’s no way of thinking that u’re not a vampire, just pick your favorite type.
However, this is not what i care about, the ugly side of the story is that these freaks, out of acting like vampires, sometimes kidnap people or commit violent acts. And as they feed on blood, they buy it from hospitals or get it from donors.
Many people all over the world die waiting for blood transfusion, and are in need of this blood. I have nothing to say but pity for the worl

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