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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No thing To do

i wasn't very active lately on the Blog i was really sick 
those earlier Days and I'm still sick But not that bad i was suffering from high temperature and Low pressure Pray for me 

i spent my last weekend at my aunt's house which wasn't nice for me she is the eldest sister for my father and she is living far away from here i spent like four days there and i was dying she is like from the stone age no computers and No network there i know now that i can't survive without a network =D

it was a quick post because i'm tired =D i'm gonna make something to drink and watch water for elephants yaaaaaaaaay  i like vacations 


  1. Nice blog!
    Hadeer Aly, I flwd u in twitter and promoted yr link in my FB wall. Kindly flw me back at Thanks.

  2. ok sure :D and thx 4 ur visit


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