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Saturday, 16 October 2010

no mum i'm not complicated

ok in all my conversations  i start them with word ""ok""
the weired thing that people  don't realize it only me focus in my own actions in a very strange way most of my friENdz call me miss/complicated maybe i''m complicated yeah and i maybe not
 they say that sometimes i'm over reacting i don't know but i feel like i notice the tiny things i don't feel like they are tiny but my mum always says that i'm realy complicated she get surprised when i tell her   i start   that my finger nails are not like each other !!! or when i tell her that my nose looks different todAY
SO SOMETIMES I get convinced that i may be over reacting on things but no i know my self maybe i know i'm not complicated and the things that raise my attnetion are important things and are so clear so it's ur mistakes ppl i'm not over reacting :)

i realy get surprised   these days at how much  my mum thinks that my charizma and personalty are weired and strange and i don't know if that true or not or is that a good thing or bad 
but i think it's  a good thing 2 be different sure in a good way sure  but if i'm strange what are the things that make me like that 
 she says that chocolate can make a new   person of me and make my day turn upside down yeah what if i'm glad that chocolate makes me happier i think it's a good thing to find a (food) wich make me more comfortable and happy
she says that when i'm really upset an-ice cream cone will make my world happier :) so it';s a nice thing i'm glad that i'm addicted to ice-cream it's better  than addicting to something else ( el-admaaan ydoook el-abwaaab fi ay wakt :)
she says that i some times get scared from speaking my mind or my opinion just because i know every one shares the same opinion with me like  people who likes trance music and house nw every teenager hear house not because they like it it's just because every body does ppl are so like each other these days they are not letting  other persons be them selves coz nw in these days there's a regular look on teenger's life wich is facebook.....hate school....listening to house and trance music   tweeting  taking justin pepper or selena gomez their examples in life
there are teenagers  their personalties are just like that truly not fake but they are afraid to say this things because every one nw do such things so i'm afraid to say that i realy love coffe and how it smells coz very girls nw pretends  that they can't wake up till they drink their coffe maybe it's true maybe it's not but believe me there is so much pretending in teenager's life really this is the toughest stage of our lives i wish i could survive to the day i'll be a  grown up independent girl  so until that day comes i'll accept my mother's  words and opinions in me with an open mind and heart i'm not weired mum i'm teenager i know some of this habites will stuck with me for ever but don't worry not all of them :) 

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