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Saturday, 30 October 2010

I'm so lost and broken I wish I could lead my self again 

I think everybody deserve to find a place just for him self

A place where he can think and be isolated from the world

A place where I can watch the sunset and hear some soft music

Some where beyond the sea or above the sky among the stars

Or even a tree house, somewhere away away from everything away
 from the people away from the traffic away from the troubles
My perfect place would be something beside the sea

Where I can smell the salt of the sea and inhale it deeply until it 
reaches every inch in my body
And wake up on the sound of the waves … draw on the sand

I'm seriously thinking of traveling for a whole or even a day I just 
want to rethink about lots of thing and find my true self
Oh god if only I can find this place…!!

Don't you thinking we deserve this place?

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