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Monday, 11 October 2010

it's getting over me :(

I never really cared for details, And I never understood why other people would

. I believe that something just don't matter. I know it sounds silly, but this defines my existence. Intentions matter, nothing else does. It's easier to overlook the little things. It's easier to just look beyond what happened and see what people wanted to happen. It's easier to believe in what was said between the lines than to even read the linees 
my main and worest proplem with some people in my life  is the much caring for details ( yigo 3la el-haifa w ytsdro)and most of them think that i'm not responsible person (taisha and this absolutely wrong i'm far away from being (taisha...         i just love keeping every thing simple  i don't like problems and the most ppl i hate are the ones which their problems are too many 
my dad always care 4 details runing after perfection as he says but there's nothing is perfect in the whole world and we have to accept that and feel comfortable with it
2day hadeer ma friend just made a big issue from nothing i don't really stand that  like i said intentions only matters coz u can't read someone's brain easily except when this person is close to u and this is the case for hadeeer and me she is my best friend and that's why i expect from her  to know my intention well and doesn't not judge me for things i didn't mean she have to know that my intention was good and believes in that that's is the smallest thing i should expect from a girl which is from the closest persons      to me ....ever 
u my be right but this me i don't care for details i don't focus in any thing too            much i forget things it happens for god sake it's not a big deal 
And I am expected to use as many "excuse me"s and "sorry"s as possible.

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