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Friday, 22 October 2010

OoOooH glasses

i'm so exhausted i have exams next week too much studying
 and too much headache and this normal coz i should wear optics (what the hell) i don't like wearing optics i really don't i just can't accept that i should wear them since i was 12 years old  doctors said that i have to wear a glasses just to keep my  vision and  sight and maintain it but i didn't wear it and it was  my first eyeglasses after a year i went to the doctor  again because of the painful headache i had every time i concentrate and he told me that i should wear my glasses not to keep my vision like the first one  but to watch t'v and study with out having that damn headache and this was my second glasses and things went through like the first time i just can't wear them they bother me and tickle me :):) yeah they tickle me on my nose so after another year i actually missed the whole first row on the board that exists at the doctor clinic and couldn't see much things in the dark and that how i made my third glasses and at every stage in my life my sight get worse and that fact upsets me but what can i do really i just can't wear them they are like clowns noses to me :) and in the next few days i'm going to make a new one coz i need to concentrate in my studies i study longer hours nw so i really need it i think i'll try :) pray for me and i have kept all of my eye glasses they are beautiful but i just can't wear them and after long years i'll be an eyeglasses collector and i'll show them to my  grand childen :):) LOL 

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