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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

missed Blogging

i Really Missed Blogging i didn't write any thing for Too  Long Because i was faCing Some issues with the family then i traveled To dahab yaaaay i enjoyed it to the last bgd ana anbsat ..i went with my friend and that was the most thing i cared for in the begining actually i didn't give this trip high expectations But i was happy however  coz i needed To go away For a while But i went there and experienced things which are totally new for me like snorkling it's magical i wouldn't had imagined in my wildest dream that i will swim with 18 meters or more of water beneath me and see all the corals and different kinds of fish with the miraculous colors and shapes it was like heaven and i'm really glad that i did something like that those things are once in a life time but i wish i could do it again also i ride beach buggy !! actually i was terrible at driving it but whatever i just drove it and i'm happy :D
and i also did something i didn't do in a long time i ate fish it wasn't good but i did it =) when i went there and was with one of my besties ever @yarakhegazy suddenly i felt like i wanna try new things things that i'm afraid of but i just wanted to try them and i enjoyed el7..
Ooh and sure the pillows in the village i stayed at where comfortable i enjoyed sleeping there the most :D i wanted to take them with me even though i have aa great loyalty to my bed and pillow but i found those pillows much better :D:D :$..
i met new people some of them are cut and some are not but no regrets 
i think it grew what is  between me and yara atleast that's what i think from my prespective  wich is something i'm really grateful  for .....
Oh and i  almost Forgot i ride a camel  Oh it was scary like hell :O 
but i really enjoyed this trip i wish i could repeat it again 


  1. Hey there! thanks for visiting my blog often:) I havent been writing anything new myself too for quite some time! I have this writer mental block syndrome I guess ...Glad you had a good holiday! You are right about the addiction to blogging and blog hopping! It is addictive ! Before, I didnt even check my facebook for months to an end! Now it is like everyday and many hours ..what's happening to me :(

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't worry it's normal wlaaaahy and nw i'm addict to twitter like i need it :D:D


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