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Monday, 18 July 2011

pursuit of happiness

In pursuit of happiness,
I seek the place above and not beneath.
A strong yearning for peace,
I know what I have to do but I don’t want,
To swim beneath the seas.
I am destined by my determination,
Because I know my allah  is my motivation.
Towers of trials and tribulation so high,
I see them but all I want to do is touch the sky.
It’s a hard battle for me to fight,
But in the blink of an eye; I will survive.

I tell myself I can do it,
Knowing allah with me; I have that as a benefit.
I believe in miracles and a dream,
But it’s not enough to dream is all,
I have to make it real,
Even if I have to climb a wall.
allah understands my world.
Even when times get hard I have to remember.
That sweet pursuit of happiness,
Quietly the little hummingbird flies back to her nest.

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