and the award ""best liar""goes to u

yOUR ArmS feeL LIke HOMe

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dear You

see I don't know if You are Honest or a liar i don't 
know if You are series or just Joking and making fun which  is the biggest possibility i'll leave that To Your Conscience any way i said it before and i will say it again TO you and to any one else Now and then  and i know that You will appreciate that in a way or another But i won't give up my beliefs and rules i won't give up my raising and my religion To do that it's not because of any body it's because of me myself my character and my personality and the way i was raised up by i 'm not rejecting You because any thing it's just me and i will be like that forever isa i won't give up my principles ever hope You people get it because i experienced this situation a lot before and i'm sure i'll experience a lot more so this is me like me Or hate me :)

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