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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dear Life

Dear life,
I’ve had enough of you. You suck. Why are you being so hard on everyone? Remember when you were a lot easier? Whatever happened to that? You’re so dramatic and full of yourself. You want us all to suffer, because you must have suffered too.
I don’t know what the hell are you trying to prove here. If you think you can get me to give up, then you’re probably dreaming. I will never give up. You see, you mess me up and all, but I love you. I love every little thing you taught me. And what have you given me in return? More lessons! I’m so sick of you treating me like that. I always say good things about you, why are you mean then? You’ve got some serious issues, I’m sure. You think I’d let go, but no..I’m not a quitter and you can suck it up!
I’m not giving up on you, life. I’m sure one day, you’ll give me what I want. One day, you’ll stop being so hard. One day, you’ll be day, I will be too.
Sincerely, just another human being who can’t figure you out. 

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