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Monday, 6 June 2011

I lOve Blogging

if You Look a My blog my images my links and posts and every thing i post in here probably You won't know the shy and insecure person that i'm You wouldn't imagine the true me it's not like i'm faking my personality Or saying things that doesn't describe me But it's about how shy i'm in public though i'm really socialist and and open minded and make friends  quickly and hook up with them i'm not a closed person but i do all that stuff with limits i do it with the persons i know well and in places i know well so people may say that i'm difficult  to understand because  i don't talk much in front of any body  so i think that at my blog people get me more easy simply because i'm more talking :D
But when It Comes To posting at the bLog Or writing about a Story or news or something that i'm passionate at or my simple daily news all the shyness disappear and i shine :D:D
when i started this bLOg i wasn't sure of many things  i didn't know You gonna like it or Know or Do You like the same things i like Or no  i didn't know what to write at my first post what if no body likes it and make fun of it :D what if no one followed my blog what if i didn't write english well :D but now i'm doing well i think and i swear i had much benefits from this blog i knew things about me when i go to the older posts i'm amazed that i wrote that i discovered things in me and my social skills
im writing this because It's very difficult for me to 

express myself when I'm with other people, blogging

 has converted in one of the best decisions of my life

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