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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dear You

Now in that  period i'm hating every thing (bi3ish
 yooom mn aswa2 ayam 7iato ) literally
my exams are next week i need all the support i can get  from my family but they ain't all i can take from them is arguing shouting and things like that how i'm supposed to put up with all that and my studying it kills me and how could she go and leave in that time she is the only person i need now actually i need her  all the time but especially nw  dear You i'm not mad at You cause i can't be you are my sweetheart but i expected more and i'll expect more and more You Have never disappointed me   but i know Your suitiation and i am with You i know You Couldn't do any thing but i'm hurt i am and can't do any thing normally now i appreciate You more But I hope You come back soon i feel like i'm being destroyed he don't get don't get my words can't talk with him about  the things i talk with You he is always complaining and i can't take it any more all that with my exams next week :/ and i don't see my friends that often i'm trapped in my room crying most of the time and i hate crying i really do but i can't help it ur missing is torturing me and he don't get it :( 

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