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Sunday, 27 March 2011

small things

Why does it happen?
when I needed people in my life, I couldn't find any and when I don't want them anymore and have my own priorities set, they try to get into my life and know everything

So, Is respect gained when you're away from them, your friends and relatives keep a check on you once you avoid helping/inviting them...
or is it human tendency?
With me, things are very different, treat me nicely, I'd be super nice with you, you show me 'attitude', haha ... Get lost...u r not invited to be a part of my life ANY WHICH WAY.

Shopping is the most important part of my life I guess, its like one of the basic necessities, I can live without good food and not shopping. It is certainly a stress burner.
I purchased a pair of jeans for me...I had all the nice things in my wardrobe but not a pair of basic skinny blue jeans.
Earlier trial rooms used to scare me, I could see a fat girl in those rear view mirrors but I was a bit relieved today, I have lost weight,they say the same in the 

morning, this makes me happy,

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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