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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Does silence work to make someone realize that you've been hurt by them???

I use it each time ! the Silence Treatment ! it just happens ! I just don't like to fight or show my terrible temperament !

if someone is upset with me, I have the duty to explain that person the whole thing (if they value) or apologize but what if I am hurt?

I just throw Silence ! just can't talk in that mood ! angry makes me look horrible, to me and to others... people around me are afraid of my anger ! and the worst thing, I regret later ! so the best thing is to keep quiet !
Can't stop talking if someone presses the 'anger' button.
so, just shut up bamboo and leave me alone.
Telling someone that you've been hurt always make things worse, big egos never accept mistakes.

I wonder if it works :/
'W'- [whatever].

Am i just too demanding? No..! I am just taken for granted most of the times, so I back off !!! I stop talking for few days ! I am sure all the intelligent people do the same heehee

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