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Thursday, 28 April 2011

I am not feeling good at some place from where I belong, sometimes, you just want to break free, you just don't give up but you want a break out of the closest ones, you feel like flying to some other nation, you start disliking people around you, (you trusted the most in life), who made you special, the ones who gave you that level of importance that no one could ever expect to go off,
but you fall, and the higher you go, the harder you fall.
Yes, I fell from a great height.
Everyone does.
Reality bites. its not easy to digest that 'this' person would ever make you feel this way, would put you down.
Lesson learnt: everyone is selfish !
Rely on yourself,
I believe unconditional is out of my dictionary now.

And no, I am not sad or anything, I am becoming a stronger person, because now, I stand alone, I was a cry baby till I was a baby. I am strong, I'll face it, I'll win this and I'll move away.

Expect the unexpected. with life, you never know, but I believe, its just making another route for me, for my independence, for my new life, for a NEWER and better ME !!


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