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Thursday, 28 April 2011

five facts about me

Those are five facts i've noticed about my self now

1- I think I didn't live my childhood until the end Yeah
 i didn't play much  i didn't miss up much didn't do wrong things and get punished like the other girls i don't why i didn't ride bike a lot  although i love them and i can ride a bike any way i regret not living this stage of my life to the end i miss those days 

2-  I don’t know how to swim. It’s a shame, really. I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever have to swim. I guess 

I’ll just 

need a savior. I’m aqua-phobic. I have this fear of
 getting swallowed up by water.

 3-i never traveled by plane in my life i like them i wish 

i will travel by one soon hope i won't panic and planes 

don't jump into my fears list =)

4-Now i'd give any thing to a mind reader :D i need 

this now sure i'd like to have this gift forever but now i 

really wish i could have it although it's a fairy thing :( 

i feel like i want that friend back by any way her 

missing is like a bog hole in my chest with huge space

 in my ordinary life how ever i can't do any thing it's 

like i'm  behind handed and i can't do any thing about 

it i've tried every thing but she keep pushing me she is 

my lovely friend and no one will ever fill her space yet i 

don't know what to do (this is causing me so much 
trouble  ) 

and i'll keep updating my facts list =)

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