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Saturday, 16 April 2011

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:Favorite Quotations

 i don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it..." -Marilyn Monroe

act like a lady...think like a man :)

I’ll be the only broken hearted loser you will ever need.

One door closed, another opens

“Those who could hurt you the most are the ones that you love the most.

عشرون عاما فوق درب الهوى ولا يزال الدرب مجهولا كنت قاتلا واكثر المرات مقتولا عشرون عاما .. يا كتاب الهوى ولم ازل في الصفحة الاولى

 :about My SelF

-Paradoxical..(Iam quiet yet am loud..rational yet insane.....)


-Iam NOT confused..but I actually know how to CONFUSE YOU =D

- I Love Chocolate and Music ♥

-Balanced ..I know the difference between assertiveness and agressivness


-Kinda bossy.. I like it when I like it and how I like it

-Emotionally opened..I love unconditionally and I WILL find my Prince

-yea Iam kinda Fluffy and I have lots of teady bears*-*

-Flirt..sweet me whatever..but just because I am nice doesn't mean I like you =D!!



-girly me whatever..Iam a woman n I appreciate it so damn  well**

-Adventurous ..I can take risks and Iam NON-RESISTANT to CHANGE

-I CARE =)!!

-Open minded
-Open minded- not the Egyptian definition of open-mindedness of" ana beez we mommy large " :D

-I use the word actually and LOL alot =D


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