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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A girl who loves her family and friends so much. She was

so innocent, immature and believes that Life is so 

Beautiful to live. She was enjoying her life with her 

friends. She was always ready to make friends but 

never thought about LOVE. Actually she did not want 

to hurt any guy as she knows she can't fulfill her 

commitment bcz her Parents will never allow such 

relationship and her family meants a lot for her. But 

she did not knew that " Love can't be done it just happens.."

One day she met a guy who really cares for her and 

understood her feelings. With the time they become 

very good friends and one day he proposed her. She 

refused as she did not want to do such things and also 

decided not to talk to him. But somehow their 

conversation began and guy said that they will remain 

Friends Forever.She agreed and talked to him as she talked earlier.

She did not realized but slowly slowly she was also falling in Love with him.

Later she realized and proposed him one night while they were exchanging messages. He said nothing

. Next day she again asked. He replied " Now I don't have such feelings for you. You have changed now. You are not that girl".

Tears were rolling down from her eyes but she said nothing. First time in her Life she cried for someone

. She also wondered how can such feelings changed soon and number of questions were arising in her

but she said nothing to him as she did not want to force him for loving her.

Somehow she console herself and reminding the

quote every time "God has reason in whatever he

does". She has very positive attitude towards Life and

 always believe that God is always with her. Inspite of 

being sad or broken from heart although she is but 

never showed to anyone, She learns lesson from this

 episode of her life and moves on. She don't have any 

complain towards that guy infact she is thankful to 

him for introducing the realities of Life to her. Now she 

has came from the world of dreams into the reality of 

Life. After this she is more focussed for her aim of 

Life.She accepts him only as her very good friend. But somewhere in her mind still the questions are same....

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