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Saturday, 11 December 2010


Dear depression:
I know we have been together for a long time
I understand that you must be there in my life from time to time; but I'm kindly asking you for a break … would it you please understand why I need a break? Because
EVERY TIME I HAVE A GOOD TIME  YOU hit me again …. You hit me again Depression. ..And why? Is two days too much for me>? I just wanna have some peace. ..To be able to smile for enjoy the blue sky and my favorite season … to enjoy the enjoy every drop of it!!
The weird thing is that I'm very optimistic person … I love hope faith and light …so why you keep hitting me like you can't find someone else? I have learned a lot about life but what still freak me out , I will admit what I didn’t learn yet … my mistakes … loving too much …forgiving too easy… trusting too quickly and expect the same from people I think I will stick with the quote " give more and … expect less "
Regardless that I believe that forgiveness is the most powerful thing anyone can do and not everyone is able to do such a thing … its very hard extremely hard.
I never figured out why I suffer this much?? Do I choose the wrong people in my life??
No I have lot of great friends and I love every single one of them then why suddenly everything is a mess!! Such a mess 
So please give me a chance to fix my life breathe …I wanna stand on my feet again
My dearest depression … please accept my request
Your favorite person.
hadeer ali

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