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Thursday, 9 December 2010

dear you

you should be the most important person in my life and you should be my safety arm  but you have reached a dead point with me i can't hate you what am gonna do in those all coming years i can't live like that hating you all the time i'm not feeling ashame of it coz i tried and tried and tried to come closer but you always pushed me away not directly but with your acts and attitude i know u are the exact person that i should accept with bads and goods but i don't know what to  do :"( it's killing me day after day i can't event stand ur jokes why you are a fact in my life why i'm always struggling with you why just can't we go on in our life as simple as that u make every thing complex and i know you do u you are the exact type that loves to be the center  of attention ok there is no thing wrong with that try to be the center of attention by good attitudes not to make every one is unhappy and go stay in ur room like u are the oppressed person and we all the bad ones i feel like i can write and write and don't stop saying how sad i am and how weired are you and how i can't stand my life and how i'm feeling like i'm in torture coz i know i just can't accept the fact that u are in my life but i can't do a thing about it i  just say ok and go cry in my room feeling pity on my self and saying how much life is unfair with me and i know  that i'm forced to just accept you how you are many ppl do that accept others on their bad and goods but believe me    ppl it's just not the same situation here but i'll just say el7 yarab sabrny 
i'm sure i'm not  in the mood of studying and thank god i've been promised that they will be no problems and that they will provides the good atmosphere  so i can study but i don't think they done any thing of that just like the normal life of mine i hope i'd be better soon isa     

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